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You may be encountering lots of problems with your organization's IT infrastructure and productivity is suffering. Perhaps it's time to consider some alternatives to overcoming these IT issues in your company once and for all. The very first solution that comes to mind, is to hire an IT support company.

The main reason why you should consider hiring dArt Studio as an IT support company is because we provide highly specialized services. Day in day out our IT support staff work with desktops, laptops, services, and even mobile devices. As such, we are in a much better position to perform troubleshooting and offer solutions to over IT problems.

It may take a regular employee a few hours to diagnose a problem in the network, but our specialist may need only an hour. Such support frees up the time of employees so that they can focus more on what they are hired to do. Here are some reasons why you should choose dArt Studio as an IT support company.

In-house engineers.

This is the number one criteria for choosing dArt Studio. We have in-house engineers who will be able to provide hands-on support instead of outsourcing the support issues to third parties. This eliminates delays in support response time and misunderstanding of the existing problem when companies work with third party engineers.

Skills and experience.

dArt Studio engineers also have the necessary skills and experience in handling IT support issues. We only have positive feedbacks from the customers we have worked with over the years.

Cost Efficiency

In addition, some dArt Studio charge by man hours. That means you dont have to pay an IT specialist to sit in your office normal work hours and pay for when everything works smoothly, you would need to pay only for the time he actually works.

Response time.

IT support is time sensitive. The longer the problems remain unresolved, the more it affects productivity across the organization. This is especially true for mission critical services like desktop operation. If your desktop is down or just slow, will be able to respond within the time frame stipulated in the contract or just as fast as possible.