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setting up network

If you want to set up your own personal network, you should plan ahead to save both money and time, most of all if you have intention of expanding this network someday.

The primary goal of planning would be to establish the things you really need out of your network since a lot more is needed than merely having a computer which can connect to the Word Wide Web.

This would include cables or Wi-Fi, if not both.

Even though you might only make use of wired connections right now, do you plan on using Wi-Fi in the near or distant future?

Practically everybody will at one point or another and the difference with costs between wireless and cabled routers happens to be small. Plus, the majority of wireless routers out there still have 5-port wired hubs built into them. This means that we could still connect wireless and wired devices.

The Internet

The primary reason why the majority of people want to set up a personal home network would be to share an online connection. In these cases, it would be imperative that every computer and router's security is updated and functioning. This would include router security and wireless security. Also, every computer needs to have anti-spyware and firewalls.


Can you imagine printing from any personal computer to another printer without having to break the bank or make use of your current printer? Why don't you just connect the printer to your personal computer and then share it with everybody?

The days are long gone where sharing a hard drive or having a dedicated personal computer was necessary. Nowadays, hard drives of a network are affordable and easy-to-use. In general, they provide disk spaces of 200GB up to one terabyte. You even have wireless options to choose from.

A network's speed could be a primary factor, if you tend to copy huge amounts of information. The truth is: cabled networks are always going to be quicker compared to wireless networks. Use cabled networks whenever possible and wireless whenever you need to (such as with laptops).

One huge mistake that is commonly made when people set up a personal home network would be future expansion. By saving up some money now, you can spend much more tomorrow. Always work within a budget, but remain realistic. Set up networks that would suit your personal needs, as well as your budget.