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sharing printer

If your computer is part of a Local Area Network (LAN), wired or wireless you can use Windows 7 to share your locally attached printer with other computers on the network. You can do this when you install a new printer or after it has already been installed. You will also be able to restrict who has access to the print device by turning on the password protected sharing. If you chose later to remove the password protection you can do so by turning off the password-protection.

Here are the Steps for sharing:

1. In the Device and Printers window, right click the icon that looks like a printer > Click Printer Properties. This will open the printer properties dialog box.

2. Click on the Sharing tab.

3. Select the Share This Printer check box. Windows 7 automatically enters the printer name that is stored in the print properties. If you would like to change the share name you can change the name that is in the Share name box with the name you prefer.

Note: If your network has computers other than Windows 7 (XP or Vista) and they are needing access to the printer you will need to add the supported drivers by clicking on the additional drivers section.

4. In the Properties dialog box, click OK.

If you select the printer in the Devices and Printers window, the details pane should now indicate that it has been shared. Others should now be able to print on your network.